The Farm: 10 Down

In 1997, Jonathan Stack and Liz Garbus spent a year shooting inside Louisiana’s maximum security penitentiary, capturing the reality of six men living – and dying – in America’s notorious “bloodiest prison”. Their ground breaking film, “The Farm” (1998), turned a non-judgemental lens on society’s most egregious offenders, and helped us to appreciate the essential humanity that each possesses. Through our own growing compassion for the people who are currently incarcerated and victims, we came to understand the power and possibility of redemption. The film garnered many of cinema’s top awards, including the Sundance Grand Jury Prize, the LA Film Critic’s Award, the New York Film Critic’s Award, an Academy Award nomination, 2 Emmys and 4 Emmy nominations. Released in 15 countries, “The Farm” raised awareness throughout the world of the unique approach to “moral rehabilitation” that was transforming Angola Prison and the men who live there.

In the decade since the release of “The Farm”, Jonathan and his colleagues have returned time and again to Angola, drawn by the compelling stories of 5,200 men – 95% of whom will die there – whose quest for meaning and longing for redemption sustain them in one of America’s darkest corners. “The Farm: 10 Down”, the powerful sequel to “The Farm”, speaks of human and institutional transformation. The film reminds us that a vast portion of our society resides behind fortress walls, that corrections requires compassion, and that the only true form of freedom is forgiveness.

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