Gabriel City


Gabriel City is an online community for the tens of millions of Americans directly affected by our criminal justice system.  The United States of America has crossed a stunning threshold: more than one in every 100 Americans is in prison and a stunning 1 in 31 is under the supervision of the criminal justice system. We imprison our citizens in greater numbers and at a higher rate than any other nation in the world. An estimated 5 million children have a parent in prison. Families of the incarcerated are subject to enormous instability, grave psychological hardship, and poverty. A child with an incarcerated parent has a 50-70% chance of ending up behind bars, and those most likely to commit crimes are also those most likely to become the victims of crime. The prison narrative in America thus plays out across generations as these children are condemned by circumstance and statistics to criminal behavior and incarceration, and states and society must absorb the staggering social and economic cost of warehousing increasing numbers of citizens and caring for their health into old age.

To break this cycle, it is essential to reach the children, the families, and the communities of the incarcerated, maintaining familial and social bonds critical to both the children’s development and the inmates’ successful re-entry. We are in an exciting moment of history when new technologies present limitless opportunities and innovative ways to create and engage new forms of community. GabrielCity will provide those affected by incarceration with successful stories of moral rehabilitation and transformation so seldom portrayed in the media, giving them the tools to tell their own stories and construct new narratives for their lives.

Gabriel City will help promote a national dialogue of the criminal justice system as well as promote community awareness of the issuesthrough web outreach, education, interactive social networking and information. Additionally, Gabriel City will be the catalyst for implementing a nationwide outreach campaign that will utilize documentary film screenings and Q&A discussion about criminal justice issues throughout our local communities.

Gabriel City is under “construction” and is expected to be fully populated in 2011.


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